Health and Exercise

We have already talked about how exercise can help increase your cardiovascular health and improve the health of your heart, but exercise does much more for the body than that. Here is a list of just some of the benefits of regular exercise:

  1. Helps manage weight – By exercising you are burning off calories which promotes weight loss and prevents weight gain.
  2. Increases your energy levels – As you improve the strength of your muscles they also gain more endurance to help you work harder over a longer period of time. Lung capacity and the body’s method of delivering oxygen and nutrients to your muscles improve as well. Making you feel more active and boosting your energy levels.
  3. Prevents health conditions – Exercise prevents serious negative health conditions such as; high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, obesity, and osteoporosis
  4. Helps mental health – Depression, anxiety, and stress all play huge roles in everyday life. Exercise helps reduce these negative emotions and can actually improve the way you feel about yourself.
  5. Exercise is fun – There are many different forms of exercise such as playing on sports teams, dancing, hiking and yoga. Many of these fun activities are a great way to get together with friends or just relax and unwind.

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