Why choose to support the St. John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE?

When you support the St. John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE, you support St. John volunteers all over Alberta. Our volunteers play an important role in Albertan communities by providing First Aid coverage at events that are attended by hundreds of people each year. With your support we can continue to provide this service to our communities and equip St. John Ambulance volunteers with all the gear they need to help people incase of an emergency. We have over 600 volunteers that contribute 26,000+ hours of community service each year, making us an essential part of Alberta’s communities. Come out and show our volunteers some support by registering for the St. John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE!

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  • Aren Van Dyke says:


    Thank you for you comment, I am glad you have enjoyed our posts on our Run and Walk for LIFE website. For more information you can check out http://donatesja.ca/ it is our main blog and is posted on regularly. You can also check out the St. John Ambulance Alberta Facebook and Twitter pages as we post a lot of content on there as well.

    Thanks again for you comment!

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