Lifesaving Awards

Last weekend the annual St. John Ambulance Lifesaving Awards were held in Edmonton, Alberta. Many amazing people were recognized for their actions and role in saving a life. On behalf of St. John Ambulance we would once again like to congratulate:

Levi Crawford
Joanna Antunes
Mathew Corbiere
Sgt Anthony Burgess
Michael Laycock
George Unser
Cody Uytterhagen
Laurie Mailman
Guy Fournier
Stephanie Garrett
Kyla Szasz
Ilona Makar
Donna Parker
Mark Chapman
Andi Dzilums
Kevin Hope
Alyson Miller
Bjorn Billehaug
Elaine Bos
Kris Carlson
John Chapman
Chelsea Cummingham
Paul Dzilums
Michael Dubnyk
Cst Ryan Ferry
Simone Foster
Paul Hunka
Terry Klan
Jeremy Lambe
Jennifer MacLennan
Adam Shaw
Mike Skinner
Amber Torvalson
Steven Vandervelden

To learn more about these incredible people and their stories click here!

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