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Race Prize Annoucnments

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Starting Wednesday June 18th a new prize for the St. John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE will be posted every Wednesday and Friday. Keep checking our blog to see what amazing prizes can be won! There will be prizes for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finisher for the 5km and 10km Run, as well as a draw prize for the 5km Walk. Everyone coming will also get a Swag Bag full of awesome gifts! There’s no chance of leaving empty handed so check the blog every week to see what great items we will be giving away!

Lifesaving Awards

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Last weekend the annual St. John Ambulance Lifesaving Awards were held in Edmonton, Alberta. Many amazing people were recognized for their actions and role in saving a life. On behalf of St. John Ambulance we would once again like to congratulate:

Levi Crawford
Joanna Antunes
Mathew Corbiere
Sgt Anthony Burgess
Michael Laycock
George Unser
Cody Uytterhagen
Laurie Mailman
Guy Fournier
Stephanie Garrett
Kyla Szasz
Ilona Makar
Donna Parker
Mark Chapman
Andi Dzilums
Kevin Hope
Alyson Miller
Bjorn Billehaug
Elaine Bos
Kris Carlson
John Chapman
Chelsea Cummingham
Paul Dzilums
Michael Dubnyk
Cst Ryan Ferry
Simone Foster
Paul Hunka
Terry Klan
Jeremy Lambe
Jennifer MacLennan
Adam Shaw
Mike Skinner
Amber Torvalson
Steven Vandervelden

To learn more about these incredible people and their stories click here!

The Importance of First Aid and CPR Training

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The minutes between when an emergency occurs and when help arrives is when St. John Ambulance training saves lives. St. John Ambulance has over 600 Community Service Volunteers that attend events throughout Alberta and provide First Aid coverage, but they can’t always be there in everyday life. Knowing the skills taught by St. John Ambulance instructors will prepared you for emergency medical situations and you could play a crucial role in saving someone’s life.


Exercise and Cardiovascular Health

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Every 7 minutes someone in Canada dies from heart disease or stroke. St John Ambulance provides First-Aid and CPR training so that you could save a life if ever put in this awful position. However knowing how to perform these skills is one thing, but preventing the whole situation is another. Exercise is proven to improve cardiovascular health and lower the chance of heart attack and stroke. Being proactive today, could save your own life tomorrow. Sign up for the St John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE and get your start on a healthier future!


Click me to see why cardiovascular health is so important!

2014 Run and Walk Prize Announcement

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Continuing with the great St John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE news we are happy to announce some of the Prizes we will be giving away. Prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in the 10km run and 5km run, and one lucky walker will receive a draw prize! The prizes will include

Coffee Makers:
Tim Hortons

Tickets to shows and events in and around Calgary:
The Laugh Shop
Loose Moose
Theater Calgary
Calaway Park
Royal Tyrell Museum

Gym Membership:
Riverside Fitness

Spa Day:
Oasis Wellness Centre and Spa

Banff/Canmore Trip:
Ramada in Canmore
Brewster Travel Canada

Stay posted for more prize information!

2014 Run Update

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This year the St John Ambulance Run and Walk for LIFE will have many new and exciting features. This year we are proud to announce the race will have chip timing, for precise and exact finish times. We are also going to have a free BBQ with some delicious Spolumbo’s Sausages to eat, as well as free water for all attending. More exciting news coming soon!

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